So, I blog now?

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I used to put annoying updates on social media. I wouldn’t have believed this BUT Facebook memories have taken me back over a decade and reminded me I once thought people cared that I was tired, had a long day, or was happy it was Friday. (note: I know some of you may think my quarterly pictures updates are still annoying, but, have you seen my kids? How could I not!)

Fast forward to today.  I’m in awe of how many people are reaching out, asking how I am, what they can do. I appreciate the outreach so much. But I thought to avoid the dreaded “FB” group chat updates, trying to gather emails (do people still email?)  I would start this blog to keep family and friends updated on this journey, one we never expected or wanted to take.

I’ll put some disclaimers in advance. I. am. a. TERRIBLE speller and over-sharer (so be prepared for TMI!) For those who interact with my beautiful kids- we are intending to keep life as normal as possible and talk about cancer as needed. We ask you do the same, and if you get any questions please redirect them back to me. Ryersyn knows all cancers are different and that we want her asking us questions if she has them.

For all those who say they dont’ want to reach out with a text, or email because they think they’re bugging….. please don’t hold back.  I may not respond in a timely fashion,  but I appreciate the reach out.

Much love from the Read’s xox

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  1. Stephanie Ault says:

    As a good friend of your mom in law..I follow your journey through her thoughts and feelings.daily I pray for you and your family and her. Thank you for sharing…and as it’s been said beforeYOU GOT THIS..❤️


  2. Leslee McAlister says:

    Hi Jolene
    You are on the most difficult path in life! Take as many positive people on that path along with you! Which I see you are doing! We in encourage you pray for you for without faith ,hope and love we are just an island in a very large intimidating ocean!
    I have been a mother following my Sarah through this maze of ups and downs and was her biggest cheerleader!
    Sarah also blogged through this journey.Feel free to check it out.
    Adventures in cancerland by Sarah McAlister.
    Hang tight girl we all love you and support you and the family through this tumultuous time!
    God Bless you and your family!


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