A three-hour tour….

Last week started off with a plan of 3 days of chemo. Then an overnight surgery got thrown in for Thursday.

Thursday turned to Friday, turned to Saturday, turned to Sunday, and I was finally sprung around dinner time last night.

So thankful for the help we’ve received and been offered over the past several weeks. I can’t imagine where we’d be without our mothers right now. It’s incomprehensible.

To everyone who has reached out with kind messages and thoughts- I eventually saw every one of them (although- side note- lowest phone usage this weekend probably as an adult! I went a couple days without so much as looking at it…. weird…. cathartic…. weird)

So, last weeks plan for radiation mapping got thrown with the impromptu surgery (more on my ovarian transposition another day perhaps) so waiting for a call to start the intense radiation treatment starting on my second round of chemo in 2 weeks.

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  1. Brenda Read says:

    You forgot to throw in, an evening out with the family Trick or Treating after three days of double chemo….now this girl is determined! 💕💕 your blog is a wonderful idea! 👍👍


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