Our moms

I’ve spent moments of every day since becoming a mom almost a decade ago thanking my lucky stars for our moms. How people have kids without support. I can’t comprehend. How families upend their whole lives and fight cancer without support. Honest to god. How????

I would be absolute remiss if I didn’t thank all those who have sent messages, meals, funny memes to break up the heaviness of life.

But our moms are a totally different universe and I wanted to make sure anyone who finds their way to our story knows we have the never ending incredible support of our moms.

Knowing that your kids are loved and cared for with that level of intensity, that depth, purity….. makes dealing with everything else SO much easier. I don’t need to worry when I end up five days in the hospital. (Note- I may still need to worry about the level of treats administered during said time, and perhaps juvenile diabetes BUT nothing else with long term significant repercussions)

Thank you mom C & B. We love you. Xo.

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  1. Constance Schram says:



  2. Susan deWaard says:

    I love the picture of Connie and Brenda…two remarkable ladies, much like yourself❤️


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