Go to Boston

This is my profound life advice. I’m sure you didn’t come here seeking sage guidance, but if you’ve landed on my posts and have kept going then I hope you take this away– go to “Boston”

While I’m not a world traveler I have been afforded opportunities to do and see much compared to many. And I’m super appreciative for that. Despite this I had never done more than an airport swap in Boston. Somewhere I’d always wanted go.

I wrote a speech on Cheers in elementary School. I majored in PoliSci as a choice. My favourite class was History of American Politics. My childhood was largely formed by the shifting political landscapes on either side of the border. How had I never been to Boston?

So, I decided I was going. We were gong to make it happen. And despite one failure to launch (my poor sick little G) I booked the trip and I went. And I am SO grateful I did. The food, the costumed tour guides, the richness of history everywhere. What an amazing city. I don’t think without that “what if” hanging over me I was would have walked the grounds of Harvard or the Boston Commons this summer. But I did.

And I am so glad I did.

Don’t wait. Go to Boston. Find something on your list of things that ignite you and start working to make it happen. Big or small. Never let the “Boston” spot sit unoccupied without action and intent.

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