An epic day

My kids have watched previews for the Grinch every morning this week. We’ve made grandiose plans to make our first ever family trip to theatre to see it. Matching shirts have been bought, promises of popcorn and juice have been made. Dairy Queen lunch date to follow.

After a delay of game with the hospital stay last weekend this evening had been set aside for decorating the tree and transforming the house to Christmas mode. This truly is one of my most favourite days of the year.

My heart couldn’t have been more full or content thinking of the perfect day ahead.

A low grade fever brought me into the Emerg early this morning. At first it seemed everything was precautionary. But here I am, on the wrong side of unlikely, 7/1000 chemo patients end up with a very serious condition known as Febrile Neutropenia, and well folks, you guessed it. No white blood cells.

I’m here for a couple days, trying to fight off whatever is compromising my system. I’m scared and my heart aches for my babies who won’t understand.

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  1. Silvia says:

    Stay strong ! You got this!


  2. Anonymous says:

    My heart goes out to you Jolene and I send strength and healing prayers.


  3. Rhonda says:

    Thinking of you, Jolene. I’m sad and scared for you, but I know you are strong and if anyone can beat this, it’s you. Big hugs.


  4. Rick Wiesel says:

    Jo, you will wear that shirt!


  5. Rick says:

    Hang in there Jolene! Thoughts and prayers are with you. It will make the tree raising and movie activities that more special.


  6. jacquieml12 says:

    I am thinking about you and your family. I can’t (or won’t) believe this is happening. Stay strong. Love you. Jacquie xoxo


  7. Linda Moss says:

    Stay strong Jolene and fight this darn thing…I know you can! Thinking of you and sorry for what you are going through. Thanks for sharing your story and sending you positive vibes girl.


  8. Brenda Read says:

    Your babies will understand, because you are the most caring, loving mom, and all they want is for their mommy to feel better. I know this is a disappointment, but it is just another bump in the road. We WILL get to see the Grinch together, with our matching shirts on…later….when mommy can. We all love you and we are on this Journey together….your babies will accept “what is” for now. There are other adventures for them to explore together today! Don’t even think about disappointments right now, concentrate on “you”, get your rest, and let your body adjust… love you 💕


  9. Tegan says:

    Jo my heart aches for you. Hoping you are out of the hospital and get to enjoy your epic day with your babies soon. Sending our love from Windsor. Xoxo


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