And things go on without me…

My poor babies are both fevered and sick.  G’s been unwell for a few weeks and didn’t seem to be getting better so Justin brought him to Emerg.  That’s my job.  I take the kids to the hospital.  I hold them tight when they get upset about tests, or exams,  I nursed them through their needles, stroke their hair when they’re having their treatment masks, hold them while they sleep.  So my sweet little boy was literally a floor below me. And I’m here. In my bubble. So close. But so far away.  Watching Parks and Rec, feeling useless.  I am so grateful my kids have an amazing dad who loves them and take such incredibly great care of them, but I feel angry I can’t be there when they need me right now.  Even if they really don’t.

Oh, and apparently Gallagher has pneumonia.



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  1. nicnas57 says:

    Hi Jolene Wow looks like when it rains it pours. Be glad that you are not with you son at the moment, because you could of ended up as sick or even sicker then him. Your immune system is out of whack. I know you want to hold him and tell him everything will be ok, but dad is with him and he is there to help you. I am sure Justin wishes you could be there too, but I am sure he is worried about the both of you being in the hospital. You have to keep away from catching anything serious and concentrate on recovery. Remember what I said…the mind is your power tool, set it to high and make it work for you. Don’t look back Jolene you are not going that way….hugs


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