Merry and Bright: Our 2017 Holiday Card

So. For those who have stumbled here and don’t really know me. I Christmas pretty hard. It’s kinda my jam.  As my family will attest, I’ve been effectively campaigning for a Nov 1* Christmas embrace my entire life.  As much as I hate the commercialization of the very best time of year, it did push Christmas acceptance forward and that’s brought me tremendous happiness!

Anywho, the season is here, like it or not!! And that means I turn my thoughts to our holiday card, a project to help pass the time in the hospital. I log into my VistaPrint account, 50% off coupon burning in my hand and see my 2017 order in my project list. Merry and Bright. It was one of my favs.

“…..As we round the bend into the New Year we are so thankful for family and friends who enrich our lives. We continue to be blessed with good health, supportive workplaces, and so much help from our moms! Potty training, big kids beds, and a summer of soccer await us in 2018

So, I mostly nailed 2018…..

I can literally feel myself typing those a words a year ago. Everything and nothing has changed. Potty training went off without much of a hitch, we hammered out two full-scale bedroom makeovers adding sleeping space for a small army, and the kids rocked soccer.

I meant those words. So sincerely. And now I don’t know if they cut so deep because I can no longer be thankful for good health, or because as I sit to write my 2018 card, somehow I’m infinitely more grateful. The support network we had back then kicked in when 1-2 kids down with ear infections in a busy week seemed like a big deal.  The network has grown and strengthened. It’s holding us up, keeping us going.

(*** to clarify, Nov 1 “inside” decorations–We wait until after Remembrance day to turn on exterior lights and open the front curtains to show the tree!)

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  1. Yolanda Walker (de Waard) says:

    Hello Jolene. Rest assured that Nov 1 is perfectly acceptable to listen to Christmas music. Ever hear of Christmas in July? Well if “they” can do it – then “we” can as well correct! 😃 My oldest daughter waits up on Oct 31st. At the stroke of midnight – November 1st – the tree goes up! So you are NOT alone. Yes, of course, we WILL be respectful to the veterans. Being a first generation Canadian, the war was very real to us through the stories from our parents. But the anticipation of celebrating Christmas, the gathering of our families under one roof, the counting of our blessings, the enacting out of our familial traditions. It is a big deal! So celebrate well beautiful. Celebrate well.


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