I came to play

We spent five hours at the cancer centre today for my 20 minute appointment. Thankfully mom with was with me to pass the time.

My Oncologist, who I love, started talking about how some other people would handle this road bump. Dropping one of the two chemo drugs, lessening dose. Talked around it for a while. And then said, essentially, if we do that, and I don’t end up beating this that we’ll always wonder and regret dialling it back. He wants to move full steam ahead and manage through the fall out and readjust next round if necessary. Then asked how do I feel about that.

My response: I came to play.

So we go full bore on Monday. Full dose chemo and add radiation. My body might not be ready, but my mind is.

Bring it.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Praying for you and sending positive energy! Thanks for writing your blog – very well done!! If you need anything – you’ve got it! Xoxo


  2. Susan deWaard says:

    Keep fighting, keep writing…your blog touches such deep places with such a light hand…amazing!


  3. Brenda Read says:

    “I came to Play”. Love it! Your going full steam ahead….you have touched so many of us with your courageous blog. It really makes one look back and realize how much we take things for granted and how much we sweat over nothing. I’m in your court Jo and pray all the time that you will be given the strength to handle these treatments….and when it’s all over…..WE WILL PLAY! Love you! Nana


  4. Constance Schram says:

    Jolene, I have always known how strong you are but your reply “I came to play” make my heart soar in admiration of you and your strength even more than it already does. You do indeed have tremendous strength my beautiful daughter. I will be my your side through this “battle” every step of the way. Love Mom


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