And with a snip, it’s gone

Sometime in the hormonal aftermath of having the twins I got many inches cut off my hair.  I needed a change.  But oh my god. Did I hate it.  I cried tears over that haircut.  I looked like a soccer mom.  It was the perfect haircut for my god awful minivan.  It took me three years but it was finally back to how I liked it.  Long.

Yesterday morning, with the help of Justin and Ryersyn we shaved my head.  Not a single tear was shed.  We laughed through the different looks and craziness of mommy being bald.  Ryersyn filmed it and did her own commentary, which was actually quite hilarious. She asked to start her own “channel” to post the videos.  

A few months ago, when I thought we were dealing with run of the mill cervical cancer where the survival rates were very high, I cried about my hair.  It as such a big fear.  If it had spread I would need chemo.  I would lose my hair.  I was devastated thinking that could be a reality.

I don’t know if its the time that’s past or the diagnosis of this far scarier and aggressive cancer that’s helped me accept the hair loss.  But I have. I could care less about my hair right now.  I just want to live. I want to spend many more days like yesterday watching the kids build a snowman and forts, fighting over how many marshmallows they get on their hot cocoa, singing carols while the tree is lit in Paris. I’ll gladly give my hair for even one more day with my beautiful family. 

Below you will find some outtakes of my wig shopping experience.  Ironically enough, I ended up with a straight up soccer mom wig. 

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  1. Brenda Read says:

    The word “aggressive “. This is what I think you are not this darn Cancer. You are being aggressive in your fight, and determination. As I watched you last night enjoying the festivities, I think to myself, they must have made a wrong diagnosis! This girl looks so healthy and strong… and I love your new look. It’s funny how experiences can humble us. I have learned so much from you Jo. In a few months. You have helped me cope, and I should be strong for you! We will all be together again next year to light the Christmas tree and sing carols.. good luck tomorrow as you begin round “2” love you jolene💕


  2. Nic says:

    ….Soccer moms wear wigs – who knew. ! Thinking of you all. Hugs.


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