What life is all about

Wow. We had a great weekend. 

So much time spent with family ❤️💕❤️

The kids basked in all the snowy glory, Daddy helped build snowmen and a snow fortress, we went out for dinner before the Tree was lit in Paris, the kids enthusiastically counted down and enjoyed the caroling, the house was decorated, we went to see the Grinch and the littles did awesome for their first theatre experience, we had a big family breakfast at my moms’, with all of her grandkids in attendance, we ate glorious meals provided by friends through a meal train that has been set up for us.  

Life is good.

This weekend is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and my soul as we head into next week.  I’m anticipating the week will be tough on so many fronts. The 19th is a sad day for our family as it marks the anniversary of my sisters death. My mom will spend the day with me, as I start radiation and my seond round of chemo instead of visiting her grave.  I will also miss celebrating two very important little peoples birthday, our nephew and bff’s son as I expect to be grappling with the effects and aftermath of treatment.  I’m in a war, and this week is  a battle. Sacrifices must be made.  

I just repeat to myself my lifelong mantra, the one I used to mutter to myself multiple times a day during the fun baby stages.  This too shall pass. 

This too shall pass, and I’ll regain my strength in my off weeks and have another amazing weekend before the next round.  

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  1. Shawna says:

    Wish we could have participated 😥



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