Daddy’s Turn…

Justin here…aka Daddy 🙋‍♂️  When Jo first set up her blog, she gave me editing privileges, and I just want to say that the love I’ve seen for my incredible wife has been so moving – it has helped us tremendously – with staying positive and knowing how much love and support is out there. I can’t thank everyone enough for your words, stories, pictures and more – it has truly been so great for Jo ❤️.

She’s been so good at keeping people up to date, making them cry, laugh, and reflect – trust me I know as I see it and live it each day, and she has the same effect on me too 🙂. And now, as she is in her 2nd round of chemo, I want everyone to know she’s doing “ok”, and being as strong as she can for someone who has never done well with meds – mostly battling her hardest to fight the nausea, which she has done successfully both rounds so far with the help of sleeping, eating and the best anti-nausea meds you can find.

So today was Day 2 of round 2 for Chemo (1 more tomorrow) and radiation started Monday, and will continue for 4 more straight weeks. This girl is truly the strongest and bravest person I’ve ever known and has always taken such amazing care of our family. I’m so proud of her – and can’t tell her that enough.

And now it’s my turn. It really hit me last night for the first time after doing the night routines and getting the three kids down. I then came back downstairs to do my “usual” kitchen cleanup and a sense of peace came over me as I looked up at the kitchen window ledge at the word art Jo had just put there a day earlier – Thankful. Almost like a reminder or a symbol of strength Jo knew I would need during some more trying times (like we’re approaching now) – and everything else just suddenly seemed so much easier. I truly do feel thankful to be able to do this small part of such a larger battle she’s fighting.


The thought of tackling the duties solo, for what we tried to share for the last 8 years, seemed extremely scary not so long ago. I mean, no one can ever replace moms ability to do things or care for the kids, like only moms can do. But it’s the least I can do knowing what my love is going through, and also knowing how much our kids love and miss their mom, and I really am thankful to have this opportunity, (and also two incredible moms I can’t thank enough to help out as well) – I love you both so much – and am so grateful for your support and love!!! ❤️

But Jo has prepared me for this moment to “step up” our entire relationship. She has taught me what true love and patience is when it comes to dealing with a your children’s needs (it’s not “Bo knows”….but rather “Jo knows”), and boy do I ever try to be more like “Jo” when dealing with the kids now 😍.  She’s taught me how not to stress about the small things (and most things) in life – which is something I needed a lot of help with 😳. She’s taught me how to be a better listener, partner and dad – all simply by being herself. And now, I feel totally confident, that it’s all possible and something I’m so grateful to be able to do for our family – the least I can do for my incredible partner who has taught me what true love is really all about. And man, do I love this girl. ❤️❤️❤️ – and I know that if there’s  one girl that can overcome this really unfortunate curveball that life’s thrown us, it’s her.

So if everyone is wondering how she’s doing, just know that she’ll be back blogging soon (thankfully -as she’s much better than me!)…and please know she’s hanging in there like a true “rope-a-dope” champion, taking some punches now, but gearing up to bounce back off the ropes soon to lay a whoopin on this cancer chump, (she will be rolling her eyes 🙄🙄all night in embarrassment over that statement), but she knows I’m a sports junkie and will soon forgive me 😍😘.


Plus she’s my (and our) true “Muhammad Ali” – the best there ever was and ever will be. 💪❤️


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  1. Dana says:

    How can I comment when everything you said was so true and perfect?
    So “thankful” that you two are sharing this. Admiring and loving you all,


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brian says:

    I never know quite what to say at times like this , so I usually don’t say much . But I have to say that I am following every word that Jo and now you have put out – and I am moved . I feel some great stength coming from the whole family , including the Moms . I hope our love comes through .

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susan deWaard says:

    What a rare and wonderful love story, in the midst of such a tough situation. Thank you Justin


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