I warned you about TMI

This update will fall under the TMI category – so you’ve been warned!

The good news- I’m home! I got home in time for bedtime last night and I fell asleep with 2 of my babies. The snuggles were exactly what the doctor didn’t order, but just what I needed.

My blood levels are not budging. But I had three days of IV antibiotics and fluids and will keep taking oral antibiotics.

So- side effects from chemo and radiation (and antibiotics), is diarrhea- 6 days in and now I have a side effect of diarrhea- hemorrhoids. The cancer journey is pretty shitty (pun intended). The pain is pretty unreal.

Anyway, I also found out last week that the internal radiation I’m scheduled for is actually a three day hospital stay- where I have to lay in bed and not move. 😣 The procedure itself sounds pretty cool (you know if it wasn’t happening to me!) they do an MRI and a physicist reviews and make a plan of where to place Iridium inside me.

So that’s planned for a Sunday admittance, although if my levels don’t increase it will be postponed – along with my chemo for next week. And that will push everything into the holidays, which makes my heart ache.

This is supposed to be a “good week” in my three week cycle I’m supposed to have regained strength and get to have a sliver of regular life. Unfortunately in this cycle I really haven’t had a good day, feeling wise. But knowing the drugs have knocked my bone marrow production also likely indicates that it’s knocking the cancer pretty good too. So I’m trying to focus on that.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan deWaard says:

    Snuggles do a world of good…glad you’re home


  2. Dana says:

    The image of you knocking out your cancer cells put a smile on my face!! I really hope you get to have your “good week”.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Ask for the iridium to be installed using an Iron Man type insert. Doubles as a 2019 Halloween costume


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