….And another month comes to a close. If you’d ask me any other year I’d be so excited to flip the calendar, sipping on seasonal lattes while having settled back into our school routine, to be that much closer to Christmas! But this year, time is passing by too fast. The timelines given to me by my Dr. echoing with each passing day. It’s scary. Especially as I think the cancer is progressing faster than they expected based on the symptoms I’m having (constant nausea and vomiting, sleeping a lot.) I’m a fit, vibrant 37 year old, this shouldn’t be happening. But, alas, it is.

Brief Medical Update:
This month I have had a liver biopsy (ouch) had another CT, and started an immunotherapy drug, which has a very low probability of working, but currently seems to be our only option. Busy investigating and trying some alternative methods as well. We’ve always had a saying at home, Read’s never give up, and, well since that’s our family motto we’ve decided I’ll go down fighting. I go for my second dose of immunotherapy this week (it’s bi-weekly) and I’ll keep playing with my anti nausea meds in hopes of finding something that helps me get through the days.
In 5 weeks or so we’ll rescan to see if the new treatment is having the desired impact. If it is, we keep going until it stops working, if it isn’t, back to the drawing board.

Update on the Kids:
The twins didn’t skip a beat starting Kindergarten and Ry is enjoying French (which starts in Gr 4) which she anticipated hating. The girls have started gymnastics, Ry started Cubs (and has spent the weekend at her first overnight camp which was a blast!) and the twins start hockey fundamentals this week. It’s busy! A year after we cracked our first book, Ry and I are starting book 7, the last of the Harry Potter series. I have cherished this journey, and am so excited she’s super geeked out about Harry like I was…(am?)!
Recently we had another difficult chat with her, letting her know that Moms cancer had spread, and it wasn’t good. It’s in these moments that it’s so hard to stay positive. To be happy. When you see your child’s heart break, a sweet innocent little girl. It’s just a fucking sin is what it is. 💔

On a brighter note— My eyebrows are back (and on point.) But more seriously, we continue to be overwhelmed with support from family, friends and strangers alike. In big and little ways. I can’t begin to list them all, but know every text, every card, the thoughtful words and memories shared, the delicious apple crumble, it all means so much to us. I got a few messages last week during the Terry Fox runs happening across our beautiful country with pictures of kids running bibs saying they were running for me (and three at home that said Mommy.) Oh man, that one really grabs you by the cockles!

And for the record- no, your outreach is never a bother, or interfering.

I wanted to take some space here to once again recognize and thank the Mulloy- Huehn family. They hosted their 3rd annual “Cornhole for Cancer” tournament last weekend and chose to donate the proceeds to our family. This event, and the support and generosity of all who attended or donated, left us, speechless (which I told them hadn’t happened since the day I met Kelly Gruber 25 years ago!) It is such an amazing and fun way to remember and honour their sister Shelly, who was taken way to early as a result of this horrific disease. So, for all who participated, many, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts ♥️ 💕

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  1. Jean and Norm Mulloy says:

    Our family was delighted that you were able to attend the Huehn family’s tribute to Shelly through the Cornhole tournament for Cancer. It was a good family day, from infants to great-grandparents laughing, talking, bouncing, swimming and off-key singing. If it wasn’t a good day for you, you still competed and visited all day long. Another day for good memory making.


  2. Jennifer (Reeves) Purcell says:

    Jolene, I have been following your journey for a while now. I struggle reading your posts because as a mother I feel the pain in your heart with every word you write. It’s so far beyond not fucking fair!

    But I’m not going to tell you to try to stay strong because I can tell that you do that with every second of every day you have left on this earth and it’s both ridiculous and inspiring. Sending love to you and your family and hope for more time ❤️


  3. Anonymous says:

    Jo, thank you so much for your blog. I know that Uncle Brian and I don’t reply often but we want you to know that we think of you and Justin every day and praise you for your strength and determination to fight, What a blessing it would be if the right solution is found. We hope you can enjoy the fall season. We love you and Justin and family and those great looking eyebrows (lol).


  4. Anonymous says:

    Jolene, I too have been following your blog and your journey. So hard to know what to say. I’m always reading them and thinking of you guys and wondering why in the world does this kind of stuff have to happen, especially to a young, vibrant family with so much love for each other and for life in general. It’s unfair. And I read your words and then remember not to sweat the small stuff. You yourself are likely wishing that “small stuff” was all you had to sweat. I’m amazed at your positivity through all of this while still being honest when you’re down and out. I’m amazed at your courage and I know if I were in your shoes I myself would have a tough time finding it. I’m trying not to be too cliche here but you truly are inspiring a lot of people to live their best lives and to not take anything or anyone for granted. I’m praying for a miracle for you. Every day. Time is such a gift and we don’t realize it until it starts to fly. I want lots and lots of that for you, Jolene. Hugs and prayers to you❤️ P.S. I am so so happy for you that you have your eyebrows back😉. Love your wit and humour too.


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