The Fall

I want to apologize for the unanswered messages and texts. The time between updates has been tough. The progression of the cancer has made me quite unwell – spending most all day every day in bed, and even responding to messages was a lot.

The fall has been difficult on a lot of fronts. We’ve faced the loss of Justin’s dad, I’ve had shingles, G had chicken pox, our fridge went belly up, and we’ve just received more bad news on my most recent set of scans. The immunotherapy treatment doesn’t appear to be helping as I’ve had significant growth in both lungs and liver. We’re working through options with an immediate focus on how to get some quality of life.

The kids are doing well though. And that’s our focus and priority. They’re happy, busy, and loved.

We got a new tree this year. We’ve had the other since our second Christmas in our home. I LOVED that tree. I was so excited when Justin managed to track down the out of stock tree I was in love with in time for Christmas so many years ago. After 12 Christmas’ the lights had gone, time had begun to thin the branches and it had a permanent tilt. I’ve looked for a replacement for the last couple years but have never found one that lit a candle to our old tree. This year I decided I HAD to find the perfect tree for our family. I know if I didn’t get one, my family would keep the thinning tree forever! They wouldn’t have the heart to replace Mommy’s tree. I’m happy to report that with the help of Wayfair’s awesome filters I found a stunning replacement for our tree. She proudly stands in our front window. I’ve made it down a couple nights to bask in the glow of the lights with Bing and Nat playing softly in the background. My favourite place to be.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Maurice Chelli says:

    So proud of you. So much courage and always managing to be thankful of the things that matter most in life. Family.

    Keep up the fight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.


  2. Jenn Dey says:

    You and your family are often in my thoughts and my heart hurts for you Jo. You continue to amaze me with your spirit and character. I hope that Christmas can be a joyful and peaceful time for you and your family. With Love, from an old acquaintance.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I pray for you, your family and a miracle every day Jolene ! Trying to be a prayer warrior like my dear sister and Justin and your Gramma Mary. Blessings on you Jolene


  4. Ericka Andrade says:

    I think of you and your family many times during my day Jo. Please put your mind at ease, your babies have an amazing support system looking out for them and surrounding them when Mommy needs her rest.
    I watched as Ron dropped them off at school this week pausing gently to let each of the kids “face snuggle” the puppy. They may have started their day a minute of two late like my own daughter but they started their day with love, support and comfort.
    We send our love, support, and our own snuggles to all of you this prescious season!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Love you Jolene!


  6. Chris Leys says:

    Hoping for a miracle on your street!
    Wishing you all the best, always in my thoughts!!


    1. Suzanne Smeaton says:

      I think often of your positive spirit, your courageous ways, and your perseverance to keep living life to its fullest. You are ever inspiring in more ways than you know. My thoughts and prayers are with you always ❤️


  7. Carol Hutchinson says:

    You have Come and Fight this Cancer for some time Jolene : The Love and Care Helps you to fight as well : Having You Know Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your Family! God Bless !


  8. Heather Schieren says:

    You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. I admire your courage and love for your family. I am praying for a miracle. xoxo


    1. Michelle Cvetkovic says:

      I love your stories, Jolene. You see beauty in quiet moments and always find purpose in life. Thinking of you and your family.


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